Thursday, March 31, 2016

The TRUTH about the Kyrie Irving, Kehlani and PartyNextDoor Cheating Scandal

The shaderoom reported 3 days before PND went on Instagram and posted a pic of Kehlani in his bed that Kyrie Irving and Kehlani relationship was over. No one paid the post any attention because folks were pretty much over Kyrie/Kehlani relationship after his babymama put them on blast.

So Kehlani was not cheating based off the shaderoom report and her and Kyrie's responses back that up.Why would Kehlani be trying to commit suicide if she knew she really wasn't cheating? I know that's what so many are wondering. Did her breakup with Kyrie Irving lead to this and she ran to PND for comfort? Let me remind you all that this young lady has talked about having depression so this has been and ongoing battle for her. Maybe it wasn't the words of others she was battling something days before and Party Next Door took advantage of that.

This situation probably wouldn't have blown up if Kehlani didn't broadcast her whole relationship with Kyrie Irving via social media. They tried to keep the break up private but had everything else front and center. But just on march 23 2016 Kehlani was definitely acting like she was still with Kyrie Irving.She wished him happy birthday even called him her "special star." She still managed to wish Kyrie Irving Happy Birthday after ending the relationship a couple of days before. All Kehlani had to do is say she wasn't in a relationship with Kyrie and things wouldn't have gotten so bad. She failed to do that which makes people wonder did her and Party Next Door plan all of this.

It took only 3 days from breaking up from Kyrie Irving (based off the shaderoom report) for her to be back with her ex PartyNextDoor. Which makes me think she was talking to him while acting like she had found the perfect guy in Kyrie Irving. You have to be in close contact with your ex to be back with them in a matter of days after ending a relationship.

I really don't care to touch on the attempting suicide mess. You can believe what you want on that one.

We all can definitely learn something from this stop sharing your relationship on social media. If you introduced your relationship on social media people gone be waiting to know when it ended. Ain't no keeping it private after you've shared everything.

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