Friday, December 30, 2016

Instagram should be ashamed of their POOR support

Instagram has the worst support out of any social media platform I've ever used.
The response time is just unacceptable. The wait time is so slow that
like others  I question if they really have actual people responding back.
I found out my page was disabled for pretending to be someone else which
is false my page is clearly a fanpage(AdmireKyrie) of Kyrie Irving and that's clear.
If anything I have people pretending to be me by taking a name I personally created
that means a lot to me. I also have pages on other platforms like Twitter and tumblr as well as a YouTube page.My page is for the fans and I'm simply posting on Kyrie Irving for them.
I am not acting like anyone but a fan of someone I love dearly. I have the right to do so.
I'm hoping to receive my page back and continue to give Kyrie Irving fans the
latest on him. Thank god I didn't originally build this fanpage on IG.

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